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Start hiring top talent to help scale your real estate deals instead of burning out doing it all yourself...

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It's Not Your Fault.

If you're struggling to scale your real estate business to where you want it to be or hire the right's not your fault.

I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on coaches (and more time than I want to admit) trying to figure out a good automated system to hire new employees. 

In the past, I would put ads up in different places, receive countless resumes, have endless phone and in-person interviews, only to end up bringing someone on only to then find out 30 or 45 days in that this person wasn’t the right fit...and then I had to start over all again. 

The traditional way just doesn't work...and this frustrated me more than you could imagine!

If you are facing the same struggle, it's not your fault because you've just been told to keep "hustling" and doing it all yourself because it's "faster" and "easier" to just do all the work because "nobody knows your business as well as you do..." right?

Even Though You Know

that to scale your business, you need a winning team...

You're Still Stuck Because...

You're Afraid of Letting Go Of Control

Letting go of control is one of the hardest things for entrepreneurs. It was for me! I will show you how I was able to start trusting my team to do the busy work that was slowing me down. After I figured this out, I made so much more money, I will never go back to the old way.

You Don't Know How to Find Top Talent 

You have to learn which recruiting tools will save you the most time and give you the best results. It is key to pay attention only to the relevant features in the online tools that will save you tons of time in the process of finding top team members to join your real estate wholesale business.

You Don't Feel Like Taking the Time to Interview or Train Someone

It sure can take a long time to train or interview new team members... IF you don't have a system. Luckily my process cuts down the interview process by 95%. And I help you put together a training system that you only have to do once, then anyone you hire can use it. You will save SO much time using my system.

But What If...

What if there were an easier way to learn from my mistakes...

And a proven step-by-step system that works every time?

What if someone already did all the leg work for you and made all of the painful mistakes so that you didn't have to?

If you know about the hard way, I have good news...

From: Terry Thayer

Re: How to stop working so hard and scale your real estate business... NOW!

The Brutal Truth About Real Estate...

Let's face it: real estate can be a business that is trickier than many entrepreneurs imagine when they come into it...

...They think of the glamour of luxury real estate online or on television and assume deals just come to them and they can close them all day and night...

And then they face reality...

...which, for most real estate entrepreneurs who haven't cracked the code to scaling with a loyal team, means...

...Working 100 hours a week doing everything yourself, not having the time to hire and train someone because that will take away from you being able to close more deals (that alone cost me $1 million dollars in 1 single year of sales because I was burnt out and doing everything on my own)...

...forget about a social life or spending time with family or friends, because it's just you on your computer "hustling" and making it happen... 

...even though on the inside you know you need to hire team members, but you know you are not going to take the time to find the right people, interview them, train them, and hope for the best that they help close more deals or even stay two weeks after you invest the time into training them... the brutal truth is that you are exhausted, burnt out, tired, overwhelmed. But you keep pushing on, selling every second of your time in order to grow your business at a slow, uphill rate, not recognizing the value of your time or being freed by your business instead of trapped 24/7 by it...

 But I know you're still thinking "I know my business better than anyone, so I could never give up control...."

Meanwhile you're stuck in this pattern of "doing it yourself" because it is "easier", but let me tell you what is even easier...

Having a system in place so you never spend too much time doing things in your business...and work on it instead...

The Problem (Hint: It's You)

In order to scale your business, you must work smarter not harder (I know, not shocking news, but most entrepreneurs in the real estate space still ignore this). 

There are specific people you should have on your team in order to really remove yourself from the equation and let the business scale.

If you are like most entrepreneurs, you are still doing everything yourself and know that you need to get out of your own way if you want to reach your ideal monthly income...

Yes, you are in your own way of your business growing!

I'm going to tell you a secret that is from my own experience...

If you would just hire a team (the right team), you could potentially go from making six figures a year to six figures a month!

I know what you're thinking..."that sounds great and all, but I have no idea how to find the right team members that would bring my business that kind of growth."

That's why I've devoted my time to helping real estate entrepreneurs understand every single aspect of growing their business through a proven, no-fluff framework of hiring the right talent...and getting them to stay loyal to you!

I've cracked the code for how much you should pay for your team members, how to write the ad to make sure that you're getting the best person to apply, how to know everything about the applicant within a 15 minute phone call, and how to never post another ad on Craigslist and waste time reading through time-wasting, excruciating lazy resumes.

The Hardest Change to Make...

By now we've settled on the facts...

The hardest part about assembling a good team is figuring out who to hire and then how to hire them. 

For most people hiring is a painful process. It can be very time consuming and there is no guarantee that you will find the right person. Many people don’t have time to interview so they hire a headhunter/recruiting agency. 

This is one of the most common mistakes I see.

This costs 15-35% of the first year salary and that person is guaranteed only for 90-120 days. If they quit after 3 months, you are back to basics and it just cost you somewhere around $12,000 most likely. If they stay (for who knows how long), then you still have to train them and you have to invest time into that, and hope that they are the right fit and stay with you.

It's needless to say, I've seen far too many real estate investors follow the hard path of hiring...

...and I want to free you from following that path any further today.

With so many changes occurring within the real estate industry (and the world as we know it), Now is the take to take massive action and move forward with a winning team that will help you scale.

Taking massive action means leaving behind your old way of running your business (yes, even if that just means you working all day and night) and learning how to run a smooth machine and know how to...

...Only look at the top 10% qualified candidates, save thousands on headhunter fees, only interview less than 1% of applicants, get your hiring process totally automated, get your time to hire down to 2 hours total, and find the best fit without having to read resumes...

With this hiring system, you'll learn how to hire the right type of team member so you can focus on growing your real estate business instead of doing every task yourself and burning out...

...and much much more!

You might be wondering..."has this worked for anyone else?"

I'm glad you asked! 

Don't Just Take My Word For It...

- Bret (Real Estate Entrepreneur)

My business was fine but not growing like I was hoping. After working with Terry, I hired my first employee and ended up increasing my company revenue by 300% in that first year! Terry's blueprint gave me the tools and freedom I needed to grow my business! He has so much experience! If you have a chance to work with Terry, do it!!!

- Austin (Real Estate Entrepreneur)

If anyone is looking for a mentor, I would highly recommend Terry Thayer. I had never hired before and the simplicity of the system was game changing!
"Reminiscent of 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad', Jesani’s book uses facts, figures and graphs to illustrate real options for investors. Jesani breaks down a wide variety of financial structures and institutions to not only explain their history and use, but provide a basis for readers to create their own strategy for financial security. 

- Ali Velshi, MSNBC Anchor and Business Correspondent for NBC News & MSNBC, Award winning Journalist, and author of "Gimme My Money Back."

It's Not Just a Hiring System...

Just Imagine...

Knowing Exactly Where to Find Top Talent (Hint: It's not a Google search or LinkedIn) 

No more wondering which online recruiting tools and resources are actually helpful in finding the right team members to hire 

Knowing Exactly What Questions to Ask

Know what questions to ask of your potential hires to know who will be the best fit immediately

Actually Keeping Your Team Members Working Together

Create strong company culture in an environment that helps people thrive. Find a team that works together and retain employees.

Start The Hiring System Today!


We all start somewhere and everyone's journey is different. That's why I've crafted every piece of my programs to be easy to follow, regardless of your experience with real estate!

Evergreen Framework 

With this Hiring Course program, more than any other real estate program that is easily outdated, you'll access content and secrets that are evergreen, meaning they are based on principles of scaling a business through systems, rather than a fad or trend in the real estate industry. This program sets you up for long-term success.

Complete, Holistic Training

I believe it does you no good if you learn why it is important to build and assemble a winning team, but don't know when to hire, how to hire, or who to hire. That's why this program is designed to give you everything you need in order to hire a top performer quickly, scale your wholesaling business, go from 6-figures a year to consistent 6-figure months, and most importantly, avoid the traps that most entrepreneurs face, which is becoming a slave to their business with no time to enjoy life!


My Hiring System is the most extensive program for Entrepreneurs and Investors who want to scale their Real Estate business and beyond...period!



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When You Hiring Course Workshop Week 1 Today, Here's What You'll Get...

Historically I've only offered this as part of my 1-on-1 high-ticket private consulting. 

HURRY! This offer won't last long!

Only a limited number of spots at this price are available...

This Program is NOT For...

  • Real estate entrepreneurs that are NOT interested in scaling their business
  • ​Anyone looking for a get rich quick scheme
  • ​Entrepreneurs who want to do all the work themselves WITHOUT a team
  • ​​People who don't want to learn how to hire or bring in talent for their business
  • ​Anyone that is lazy or negative 

Your Cart Is Reserved For:


This Program IS For ...

  • Real Estate Entrepreneurs who want to scale their business
  • ​Real Estate Pros and Investors who want to leverage systems and teams to go from 6-figure years to 6-figure months
  • ​People who want to feel more content with letting go of control and letting team members help close more deals
  • ​​Those who want to learn the top secrets of managing an automated system instead of manually doing all the work
  • Anyone wanting to build a team that is loyal and motivated
  • ​People  who need a shortcut for the specific tools and resources online that will help them get to their income goals faster than ever
  • ​Anyone who has tried different programs but want real results...
  • You if you are open minded and ready to make a change!


  • ​ Hiring Course Workshop Week 1 ($497 Value!)
  • ​FREE Bonus: The Time Freedom Exercise ($77 Value!)
  • ​​Instant Digital Delivery 

Shift from doing everything yourself to managing an automated system that runs itself, so you can experience freedom in your real estate business instead of feeling like a trapped employee!

(Value: $574!)

Normally $574

For My Inner Circle, We Have Opened the Mini Course For $14

Special On This Page:

Join our Private Community for Real Estate Investors and Entrepreneurs

Over the past several years, I have been coaching people one-on-one in their real estate business. In order to help more people who could really benefit from this knowledge right now, I decided to open this course up to a small group of students...for ONLY 20% of what I normally charge. 

Are you ready to get out of the way so your business can scale?

About Terry Thayer 

I've sold over a quarter billion dollars in real estate, but I needed to rely on outstanding employees to get there. And I had to figure out where to find them, and how to hire them first. I started my career as a general contractor working long days and long hours. One day, I had a wake-up call, realized my business was running me, and decided to take control of my life.  Now, I have a 7-figure real estate operation along with 12 other companies, and an incredible team. I am passionate about helping others take control of their lives by systemizing their business and hiring great people

Today Only: Get Access to Extensive Coaching Calls

This complete system also comes with private access to coaching calls with past students, as well as step-by-step processes to implement immediately, automated systems to save you time and money, a community to support you during and after, and a library of forms, templates, scripts and tutorials.  It's all here to help you succeed!


  • ​Time Freedom Exercise and Making the Decision to Hire ($497 Value!)
  • ​Preparing Your Business to Recruit Candidates ($497 Value!)
  • ​Recruiting the Right Team - Process A-Z ($497 Value!)
  • ​The hiring, interviewing and Onboarding Process ($497 Value!)
  • ​What to do After the first 90 Days ($497 Value!)
  • Full Actionable Blueprint to Avoid Hiring a Staffing Agency ($12,000 Value)
  • Step-by-Step Training on How to Hire and Onboard Your Next Unicorn ($5000 Value)
  • ​Access to a Powerful, Supportive Private Community ($499 Value)
  • ​FREE Bonus #1: My Proven, Successful Scripts for Attracting Top Talent Applicants ($597 Value)
  • FREE Bonus #2: Live Phone Interview Recordings, My Exact Phone Interview Script + Good & Bad Applicant Examples ($997 Value)
  • ​FREE Bonus #3 (For the First 10 People): How to Get Your Team Making You Money You Didn't Ask them To Make You (Value: PRICELESS!!)

(Value: $20,578!)

Normally $5,997

Special On This Page:

Just $4,997 Limited Time Only (Will Be $5,997 Anywhere But This Page)

For this first time, I'm giving you my time and resources at a fraction of what I normally charge. (Monthly coaching with me is $5,000/mo with a 6-month minimum. )

When you register today, you'll have access to our community and myself through our private Facebook Group!

Don't wait for this to be offered again. 
You won't find it for this opportunity in the future.



In this week, you'll learn...

  • When is it the right time to hire? How do you know? 
  • ​Together we will walk through a critical exercise that will show you who and when.
  • ​​This will be a critical first step to making the right hiring decision.


In this week, you'll learn... 

  • Critical steps you must take to update your company profile, your social media and beyond to align with the right candidates.
  • ​​We will determine your core values and your exact needs.


In this week you'll learn...

  • All of the secret shortcuts using my suite of online services.
  • ​​The exact method to attract tons of applicants and immediately filter out unicorns (top performers).


In this week you'll learn...

  • How to set up your new hire for success from the beginning
  • ​​What training systems to implement in order to virtually guarantee their success with you
  • This step will set up the right expectations from day 1 and save you tons of time and money down the road.


After 90 days your new hire will be trained, and producing results, and now you'll learn...

  • How to keep them on track for on-going, long-term success 
  • ​​How to maintain a powerful company culture that keeps your business profitable


With your enrollment, you'll also have...

  • Access to a private facebook group for support and networking with other high performers. Its all about who you know and this community is highly connected!
  • ​​We will also be updating the resource area regularly so you are alway up to date and fully supported 


Even if only one of these modules helped you hire your winning team member that helped you close twice the amount of deals in half the time...

Wouldn't it be worth the investment?

Learn the Secrets for Scaling Your Wholesale Real Estate Business By Hiring Top Talent That Helps You Close More Deals and Feel More Freedom Today! 

Normally $574

Inner Circle Price $14


 Limited Time Only 

Frequently Asked Questions About

What if i don't know where to start?
No problem. In week 1 with this course, we start you off with an exercise to determine your starting point so you'll know exactly what to do with your specific situation.
How do I know when I should hire someone and when I should do it myself?
Most business owners have this question. I have a process in this module to help you determine if you should do it yourself or train someone else. 
I am used to doing everything myself. How can I trust that someone else can do important tasks and not mess up my business?
Letting go of control is one of the hardest things for entrepreneurs. It was for me! I will show you how I was able to start trusting my team to do the busy work that was slowing me down. After I figured this out, I made so much more money, I will never go back to the old way.
It sure is! You'll get immediate access to the course and private Facebook Group
Of course, but I hope you don't need it! However, if you're not happy with the purchase, simply request a refund within 30 days of purchasing and we will take care of that for you.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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